Star Union brings home 4 silvers and 1 bronze

The American Craft Spirits Association (“ASCA”) has awarded four Silver Medals and one Bronze Medal to Star Union Spirits in its Annual Craft Spirits Competition. The 2020 ACSA Competition is judged by a large panel of
national spirit experts on multiple quality issues and data points in a blind tasting format.

Some of the finest American craft spirits are entered into the ASCA Craft Spirits Competition each year. Ordinarily, awards are announced at the ACSA Convention.

This year’s ACSA Convention was to be held in Portland from March 29th thru April 1st. Like many other events, the 2020 convention was postponed, but the awards were announced on March 30th 2020, remotely and online because of member interest and self-distancing required to combat COVID-19.

Star Union Spirits’ five award-winning spirits in the 2020 ACSA Competition are Barrel Aged Immature Cabernet Sauvignon Brandy, Barrel Aged Grappa, Cherry Brandy Eau De Vie and Immature Cabernet Sauvignon Brandy
Eau De Vie (ALL of which won Silver Medals); and Barrel Aged Cherry Brandy (which won a Bronze Medal).

Star Union Spirits was established by winemakers, Jeff Yosowitz and Bob Windy as a small craft distillery in Peru, Illinois at the historic Westclox building. It opened its doors to the public in November 2018. Casey Beall joined Star Union Spirits as our Distiller in early 2019, adding experience, depth and insight to its robust portfolio of award-winning spirits.

But that’s not all… Star Union Spirits is excited by what’s ahead too! Star Union Spirits continues to work hard to temporarily produce Hand Sanitizer to help in the fight against COVID-19. On April 2 Star Union Spirits became a
FDA registered over-the-counter drug maufacturer so that we could begin production of Star Union Spirits Sanitizer.

We anticipate devoting the rest of this month to our hand sanitizer production. Star Union Spirits will be using social distancing protocol to help fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Star Union Spirits also is thrilled to announce it is scheduled to release Star Union Spirits Apple Brandy, its rested Blue Agave Spirit and its American Whiskey later in 2020. With every spirits bottle purchased, it helps support our small business while the Tasting Room venue remains closed.

As supporters of music and delicious craft cocktails we are looking forward to our favorite musicians taking the stage again in the Tasting Room when this pandemic subsides.